Meet Kathryn


I am Kathryn Suh, owner of Q&B Web.

I have worked many years in Advertising and Marketing industry specializing in all things web.

With expertise and experience working in various sizes of organizations I’ve come to realize a few principles – key principles Q&B Web is built on.

  • Valuing one’s own professional work promotes great performance.
  • Keeping up with high standards of professional conduct keeps Q&B competitive.
  • Honesty in dealing with clients results in trust building that lasts longer than a single project’s life cycle.
  • Keeping client’s interest as top priority delivers results that is always in line with “WHY do this project in the first place?”

I am a certified Project Manager. Your project will be professionally managed with proven methods with regular status reports and consultations. You will always know what is happening with your project at any given moment.

How many times were you turned off by consultations filled with words and jargons that you did not understand?

Wasn’t it the unknown that made you either nervous or doubtful?
Q&B keeps everything plain and simple because technology is a tool, not a barrier.



So what about those DIY Free Stuff?

It’s all good until it is time for your site to stand out and shine.

Let’s build something that deserves “OMG it is so YOU!”

One size DOES NOT FIT ALL at Q&B Web.