Facebook Style Link Plugin


Do you like the nifty way Facebook displays an external link with a thumbnail, title and a bit of description?


There’s a plugin for that.

It is  WP Lynx plug in and here’s the developer’s page:  http://mtekk.us/code/wp-lynx/

QnB’s experience with the plugin:

  • Admin side setting offers some control but not a lot
  • To update/modify the look and feel, edit “wp_lynx_style.min.css” in the plugin folder
  • It’s very similar to how Facebook renders the link, you can choose a thumbnail, change the length of the description and such
  • Not responsive

Check it out and download: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-lynx/

See it in action.

WP Lynx | mtekk's Crib

WP Lynx | mtekk’s Cribhttp://mtekk.us/code/wp-lynx/Sick of the same old boring links? Want to mimic Facebook’s wall links in your WordPress posts? WP Lynx allows you to do just that.
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